Sentani Festival package tour


Dear travellers, June is one of  right  months of the year to  visit a unique place in Papua Province.


One of the best place to visit is Sentani,  due to witnessing the costal culutral event which this event  annually heald on 22 June every year. Called the Sentani lake festival, located in smoll districk of Sentani Papua. It is the capital of Papua Province. In this event, you will witnessing various atractions are will be presented with enermoungs cultural accesories made, we recomanced you with pantastic programs as well. In addition,you will be amazed by the beautiful bird-view of Sentani lake  which is surrounded by 21 small islands, looks serene and charming.



Besides being famous for its beauty, Sentani Lake is also famous for a special festival. The Sentani lake festival is a celebration of local culture and a chance for tourists to meet local residents. In this festival, you can watch such as  traditional dances and see local costumes. One of the highlights so far is Isolo. It is a dance performed on a boat, the dance is so much fun to see and well ferformance.

Lake Sentani Festival is one of the best cultural representative culture of Papua specially in costal area where this event overed many kinds actractions are comming from diffrences tribes, culture and languages. If you are thinking to explore Papua in the future, you should consider attending the festival


senatani festival