Visit the Dani tribe in Papua


Visiting the Dani tribe in Papua, you will see the long spears in the huts. Long spears are made of a special iron wood that is called “Ukalhe” from the family of Pometia pinata sp.. These iron trees only grow in a colder area of West -Papua.

The People in the highland areas, especDani tribeially the Dani people get the Iron tree from the jungle and then put them in a pond or under running water. After two or three months, they then polish it with pig fat. Long time ago, long iron spears were used to kill enemies of other tribes in the highlands, but also to hunt wild pigs. Recently until today it’s just kept in the huts. But still Dani people traditions are found here. It’s a good time, if you want to research and learn more about the Dani tribe. Less people wrote about Dani tribe, so just come and see – we will help you! Dani people still celebrate the pig feast, pig race and mock war attractions are still preserved by themselves. We also offer Kuskus hunting with Dani people, “Mancing udang selingkuh” (lobster fishing in the Baliem river, earth cooking, and many more.)

So what are you waiting for, just come to Dani tribe in the miracle Baliem valley.