Papua Tribes – Ballem Valley Festival


Papua Tribes

Baliem Valley Festival


Be part of Visit Indonesia Year 2011 in West-Papua, Wamena well known because of the “The Baliem Valley 300 Culturals Festival.Papua tribe baliem valley It is one the biggest and exciting cultural events going on. It is held at 10-17 on August every year. If you would like to see the 300 Papuan tribes attraction, just come and contact us! I guarantee to organize an amazing trip for you. At this event,  you will see the Papuan tribes in action, there will be an incredible war demonstration, and you will be able to see the different kinds of Papua highland penis gourd from the Dani people as well as the long gourd from the Mek tribe, Dani traditional net bags, a real out acting of a funeral, and much more. After enjoying the Baliem Cultural Festival, we will continue the tour by travelling to Cenderwasih Bay for snorkeling and diving with our professional of Mangkur Kodon homestay staff. Welcome !!