Scenery Trekking in Lake Paniai Tour


Trekking in Lake Paniai Tour Experience beautiful Lake Paniai, Tage and Tigi with gracious surrounding that arduous nature of the treks in other highland areas of the West-Papua, Indonesia. Start from famous ” Lolake Forest” follows the local sweet potatoes gardens and we arrived in Enarotali. Good place for trekkers and here is not really hard place area to visit, but so amazing place ever in Cenderawasih Bay. The Local people said that there is no more tourist visit our beautiful tourist attractions where surrounded by the 3 (three ) beautiful lakes around. Here, the people are living in traditional way of life. We were lucky stay with the local people, share, play game, hunting, and fishing. Not only that but we were learning at traditional school in the very secret hut, we had a pig feast (Earth cooking) with the local women. It’s good place for snorkeling and diving around the lakes alone or with your family. If you like to experience this area, contact us!