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Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat casts a spell on all who visit – scientists, photographers, novice divers and crusty sea-salts alike. This group of majestic islands, located in the northwestern tip of Indonesia’s Papuan “Bird’s Head Seascape,” lies in the heart of the coral triangle, the most bio-diverse marine region on earth. Raja Ampat Holiday offers consumers everything you need for under water researching, planning, bird of paradise watching, relaxing, diving, snorkeling, and purchasing a whole trip to ‘Raja-Ampat’ at Discounted tour packages by virtue of channel partners comprising economic Luxurious cottagess,Tours, Transporters etc. As a Travel Agent PT. PAPUA ADVENTURE TOURS & TRAVEL ( info@papuadventure.com ), we serve diverse consumer segments — from single men & women, to families and clubs booking a vacation or a quick weekend getaway with an easy means to book their travel needs. Our team comprises of knowledgeable tour operators who understand the nuances of the travel business, delivering personal attention, and fluent in English. The Raja Ampat Holiday provides direct access to one of the broadest selections of inbound travel packages that middle class families can afford on a trip to Raja Ampat, West-Papua province. Call us at +62 (0) 852 449 803 31



Through continued under water researching, planning, bird of paradise watching, relaxing, diving, snorkeling, and purchasing on secured Raja Ampat Holiday n travel destinations, our travel agency have been adding Cheap Travel Packages to cut costs and make travelers return home with gift for their beloved. We also offer car rentals, hotel reservation and other travel and tour services, at rates lesser than other tour operators in Papua, Raja Ampat

Welcome to the only place at Raja Ampat where you can dive all year around is the Papua Paradise Eco-Resort. The Eco-Resort enjoys a geographical position which allows easy access to the resort in any weather conditions. You can count on fantastic dives at any time of the year. Only with our help you can visit the natural habitat of the three endemic bird species in the area.We have the only house reef in the area where you can encounter mandarin fish, manta rays, wobbegongs, bamboo and reef sharks and bump into the occasional dugong. We are serious about being an “Eco” resort and being environmentally friendly. All our holiday houses are built using traditional Papuan building techniques and materials. As a result we are able to cool our guest houses by the constant breeze blowing in the area rather than installing air conditioning units. At our island and resort we have access to ample amounts of fresh water, therefore we don’t use water purifying systems which waste energy and can pollute the environment. To ensure that our guests can enjoy a nice hot shower at any time of the day we harness the power of the sun to heat our water. Welcome!! For more contact us: trekpapua@gmail.com


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