Mamberamo River Adventure


Mamberamo River


Experience adventures to Pagai, Lulum, and Mamberamo River area is the most untouched area in Papua by the tourist, except locals. It’s located in the Eastern part of the Sentani-West Papua. Only 26 minutes flight from Sentani Air-Port or 35 minutes flight from Wamena. Let’s go Mamberamo region, and if you are interested to experience, just contact us!

What you are going to see:
The people here still keep their own tradisional way of life until today. The Mamberamo River is situated in the east-west forest of Papua. For many years this area has been almost totally closed off. Many maps mark the basin of the river Mamberamo as “Strictly prohibited territory“. Mamberamo, Mamberamo… it nags at my mind all the time. The closeness of the area evokes curiosity and desire for more knowledge. Why is it so? Why is Mamberamo so guarded? Is it because crocodiles are hunted there? Is it because of the dangerous aborigines? I don’t like unanswered questions. Last year we organized an expedition into the Mamberamo territory. It succeeded. We managed to contact the right people, get acquainted, and finally obtain the unobtainable permits. We are there. We headed towards the mountains, and sailed up the river. At the end of our expedition, we found the warriors of the Mamberamo River. The success of this expedition challenges us to return! Mamberamo enriched our voyages with new possibilities. Only there did we find what we had been searching for the ten years of our expeditions in West-Papua.