4 weeks adventure to coastal Papua


adventure to coastal Papua



Brief Information:

Some of the exotic Pacific islands in friendly called “Cenderawasih Bay”, West-Papua are Biak, Numfor, Serui, Padaido and some small beautiful paradise islands.

coastal PapuaInterests:
There are so many lovely small and big beaches to visit. They are surrounded by white, clear sand and it’s good time for relaxing, do some snorkeling or diving with the local people. Not only that, you are allowed to come, you can stay here with the local people to hear the local traditional folk songs of Biak called Wor and Munaba. Normally the Wor and Munaba songs are only sung when a baby is born, death ritual and the marriage rituals.

coastal Papua

There are many beautiful tourist destinations: World war II Japanese Monument, Saruri 3 KM beach, Wafsarak waterfall. Additionally, there are numerous types of flora and fauna. One of the mystical plans called “Pandemor” is the plant that only grows on the reefs. The local people used this plant leaves and roots to cure wound or sometimes they P1020806do for the thanks giving celebratation. The fauna in Biak Island are for example pigeon, bird of paradise, cockatoo, parrots and many more. After we finished the tour to Biak Island it continues to Serui Island. Here is good place to watch Birds of Paradise, have a local food (PAPEDA) with fresh fish sauce. Or you may have grilled sago, coastal traditional main food. Stay overnight in difference places with the local people in Paniai, in Lake Paniai, share about folk songs, folklore and of course diving and snorkeling becomes your daily routines or you lay on the white beautiful beaches. The tour continues to Manokwari the West-Papua province region. The Arfak native people area are Hatam, Meah and Moile tribe which live around Arfak Mountain. The tour leads you to the Anggi Lake on the top of Gunung Kapur. Here you can see the smart birds with its lovely feathers. The tour visit Turtles areas in Amban Pantai. And at last the tour continues to Raja Ampat.


Come join us on majestic SEA SAFARI VII and dive Misool – RAJA AMPAT, Indonesia with us – in comfort and style!. An awesome collection of limestone uplift islands – the Misool Island are one of the healthiest and most colorful shallow coral reef systems around. The soft corals can cover every available inch of open rock, such as at Misool Boo – making for an unforgettable color display. Below this reef plateau, the slopes are usually populated by large sea fans that also happen to be home to various species of pygmy seahorse, including one as-yet un-named species, large schools of bat fish, fusiliers, and smaller sweeper fish make appearances along the shallow reef bank as well as large napoleon wrasse, gray reefs, and mantas also stop by for a photo-op now and again. contact us – every year dive-trip has cabins avail !!The nicest snorkeling place in Papua. Here is also a good opportunity to watch birds of paradise.


Extra charge:
If you want to see more Papuan coastal bird of paradise dance, they’ll present it to you and you will see women with decorated bodies without any bra. It’s a good time to experience Papua. So, you are welcome to go with us! We guide you, if you want to experience the coastal areas in the West-Papua.