trekking to Carstensz Pyramid

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trekking to Carstensz Pyramid

Departure: 08:00 a.m. Approx 4-5 hours To the Carstensz Pyramid it is essential to have a special permit approved by Indonesian highest security authorities (secret police BAIS ABRI, army, federal police, Ministry of Tourism, Ministry of Sport, and Ministry of Immigration. If you want experience Carstens Pyramid mountain, come and go with us!

To reach Carstenzs Pyramid Mountain, we have to charge the AMA or Missionary flight to Beoga or Ilaga district. Why is that, because there is no the main road to these two districts, event a path, but so far away from Wamena town.The most exiting and wonderful thing to see in this visit to the Carstenzs Pyramid Mountain are the eternity snow, endemic magic plants and fruits which called “sak” that only found in Papua.


Many kinds of Kus-kus, but also colored birds are completely found here. It’s good time, if you were researcher. Here is the highest mountain in Indonesia 3050 height above of the sea level. trek-papuaThe path is slippery, so of course you need a walking shoes. Additionally, the scenery is spectacular from above of the Mountain. Restricted area callled as “Wasur National Park” and here is less visited by the tourist. Then grab your backpack and discover the Mountain Carstensz Pyramid. The Tour to Carstensz Pyramid Mountain trek consists in fact of various trails, all of which compete to become your personal favorite. However, the classical trek around the Mountain Carstensz Pyramid massif starts in (Ilaga and Beoga)-Puncak Jaya. It then leads through the villages and wild jugle. The trek finally ends in the Bokondini missionary house (overnight), then back to Wamena town by the charge car.