About Mike

Hi…..World.. my full name is Hesegem Merianus, but my nick name is Mike. I am glad if you call me angkol Mike I am from higland regency as well as adcetlly from Dani tribe-Papuan, 28 years old and was grow up in Wamena . I speak Dani language as my mother-tongue as well and also I can speak tok pidjin East Nugini language as well. My home village called Tangma, south of the Dani tribe in the central highland of Papua. ½ hours by publich car from Wamena city to my village, I have a bachelor degree in Tourism Management and Accounting Deploma of the STIMI Universities in Denpasar-Bali, English. Since I was did my study in university, I have been worked as a frontire teaching English Subject in Senior High School for a year its was 2007-2008, after words I have been to East Niguni for attending Leadership Training for a year in 2009 as well. After I finished my trained in Mt.Hagen East Niguni (PNG) in 2010-2011 continue to Hong-kong for work with Asian Human Rights Commussion for 9 Months, after my contrac with (AHRC) over in 2012 I continued my education in IALF- Bali (Indonesia Australia Language Foundation) and after i gein these experiences continued working as an assistant guide with my friend Mec, he is a nice man who i ever know as well and today my friend Mac is a derector of Trek Papua. He is a professional in his work as a travel agents and of course I have learn many positive things from him. After some years i joined with Trek Papua, I made a decision to start my own business. However, starting business is very difficult but because of God used my friend Mec so I begun to started this little business because I wanted to tell the World about Real Papua, Therefore i tried to opening the adventure agency http://www.papuadventure.com/ and http://www.adventurepapua.com

I sometimes trekking myself very much, because I am living in my village it’s far away from Wamena Town, from the place where my place is you can see Papua with its natural beauty sorrounding by wonderfully creations. Of course there is very perfect place to leave as well. Today I would like to tell the world that if you want to see the Real Indigenous Papuan and our thousand cultural and languages You just click http://www.papuadventure.com/ and http://www.adventurepapua.com/ and there are many programes will comming up for you as well. Lastly, Better you must come and talk directly with Indigenous Papuan is most challenging and of course I swear you will never forget the experience that you will have in West Papua itself.